Joe Biden Under Attack for Racist Comments

Joe Biden Under Attack for Racist Comments

( – The Democratic Party wants America to think that its party is one of inclusion. For years, it tried to paint former President Donald Trump as a racist and a xenophobe. Ironically, President Joe Biden recently said something that could be classified as both of those things, but the Left isn’t saying a word.

On Thursday, June 24, Biden was in Raleigh, North Carolina urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. During a speech he said it’s hard to get “Latinx” people vaccinated because they’re fearful they’ll be vaccinated and then deported.

People immediately started calling the president out for his seemingly racist remark labeling all Hispanic people illegal. GOP Rep. Carlos Giménez (FL) called the president “out of touch” and said his comment was “demeaning.” Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) also let Biden know his remark was offensive.

The Latinx comment bothered people as well. The term is something Democrats have been trying to popularize for years but it hasn’t caught on. The Latino/a community has even told them to stop using the term, but they persist.

Not only did the president insult the community by implying they’re all illegals who can’t make their own choices about healthcare, but he used a term they hate. Of course, Liberals and mainstream media aren’t demanding an apology. Shocking.

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