Joe Biden Wants to Scrap Betsy Devos’ Sexual Assault Orders (REPORT)

Joe Biden Wants to Scrap Betsy Devos' Sexual Assault Orders (REPORT)

( – In August, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ controversial changes to the Title IX rule went into effect. The Trump cabinet member went through a formal process to change the way campuses handle sexual assault claims and gave the accused more rights. Proponents hailed the much-needed changes, but Joe Biden has promised to get rid of them if he wins the election.

Biden said not only is he going to roll the changes back, but he will also build on former President Barack Obama’s changes. Democrats believe DeVos’ requirements make it more difficult for sexual assault survivors to report crimes; others think it protects young men from being falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit.

Although Biden has said he wants to make this change on day one, it’s not likely to happen. DeVos went through the formal process to change the rules, which means he will have to order his education secretary to do the same thing. It could take up to two years to reverse the policy.

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