Joe Biden’s Niece Gets Court Date For DUI Moved AFTER Election

( – In 2019, police in Lower Merion Township, PA, arrested Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, for allegedly driving under the influence. The 33-year-old has now received a court date, and it seems pretty convenient for the Democratic nominee.

According to the New York Post, Caroline will face a judge on November 4, just one day after the general election. But, she might not have much to worry about because, according to FEC records, Judge Wendy Rothstein has the case, and she’s a Democratic donor.

Pennsylvania is a critical swing state. Interestingly, it’s taken so long for the courts to arraign Caroline, and very convenient that it’ll happen after voters go to the polls. Some of them must be wondering, “Would the courts give my relative the same treatment they are giving Biden’s niece?” We don’t know the answer to that one.

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