JoJo Siwa Rocks Pride in the Park with Vodka Bottle in Hand – Watch Her Epic Response to Haters!

Los Angeles, California – JoJo Siwa, the singer who sparked controversy by claiming to create “gay pop,” made headlines once again with her performance at Los Angeles’ Pride in Park concert. Siwa, known for her time on the show Dance Moms, appeared on stage with a vodka bottle in hand, capturing the attention of fans.

During her set, Siwa addressed a recent online troll comment she had received, sharing with the crowd her response. The singer revealed that the comment was not about her performance or appearance, but rather about stopping her altogether. Siwa cleverly responded by asserting her dominance in a humorous and confident manner.

Siwa had previously gained viral attention when she released the song “Karma” earlier this year and discussed her desire to contribute to the genre of “gay pop.” However, some critics questioned her claim of being the creator of the genre, prompting Siwa to clarify her intentions in a video shared by TMZ.

In the video, Siwa explained that she did not invent gay pop but aimed to shine a spotlight on the genre and contribute to its growth. By addressing the controversy surrounding her statements, Siwa attempted to underscore her support for the LGBTQ+ community and the music genre.

The singer’s performance at the Pride in Park concert showcased her bold and unapologetic personality, resonating with fans and challenging traditional norms in the music industry. Siwa’s presence and message at the event emphasized the importance of inclusivity and diversity in music and entertainment, sparking discussions and reflecting shifting cultural attitudes.