Judge Rules Against New York Times in Major Blow

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In November, the New York Times reported extensively on James O’Keefe’s legal memos. The article described what the attorneys told the Project Veritas founder he needed to do to continue to carry out his investigative reporting legally. A federal court has now ruled the newspaper violated the journalist’s rights.

On Christmas Eve, Judge Charles D. Wood, of NY’s 9th Judicial District, ruled the memos were protected by attorney-client privilege. He also determined that although the NYT has a First Amendment right to publish information, the paper didn’t have the right to violate O’Keefe’s rights to speak to his attorneys in private. The judge stated attorney-client privilege can only be breached when there are “strong public policy considerations.”

Judge Wood ordered the newspaper to return the originals and destroy all copies of the O’Keefe memos. The NYT reported on them shortly after the FBI raided O’Keefe’s home looking for information about a diary allegedly stolen from Ashley Biden. Conservatives decried the raid as a violation of the First Amendment, claiming President Joe Biden’s administration was targeting the journalist. The NYT article made some readers wonder whether the memos were leaked by federal law enforcement in an effort to smear the activist and Project Veritas.

What do you think? Do you think the NYT’s and Feds are targeting O’Keefe?

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