Justice Served to Woman Who Murdered 5 of Her Own Children

Justice Served to Woman Who Murdered 5 of Her Own Children

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The murder of a child, or children, is always incredibly shocking. It doesn’t matter how many times the world has seen reports of it happening, it’s like a punch to the gut every time. After all, kids are innocent.

When the murderer of a child is the person who is supposed to take care of them and love them unconditionally, it’s that much worse. Sadly, for five German kids, the person who took their lives was also the person who gave them life. Now she’s been sentenced for the unthinkable crime.

Horrific Crime

In September 2020, Christiane K., privacy laws prevent the release of her full name, logged onto Facebook and saw something that sent her over the edge. Her estranged husband uploaded a photo of himself with his new girlfriend. Rather than just moving on with her life, the woman texted her ex, saying he’d never see his kids again.

Prosecutors say the enraged woman then added sedatives to her children’s breakfast. Once she’d sedated them, she smothered or drowned five of them — Luca (8), Timo (6), Sophie (3), Leonie (2) and Melina (1) — in the bathtub. Experts believe she sedated the kids so they would be easier to murder. She then wrapped them in towels and placed them in their beds.

The woman’s remaining child, an 11-year-old named Marcel, was at school at the time. When he returned home, she asked him to jump in front of a train with her. The child refused, so she put him on a train to go to his grandma’s house. On the way, he texted a school friend to tell them all of his siblings were dead. Grandma called the police after learning from her daughter what she’d done. Police raced to the apartment but were too late to save the children.

When her son refused to commit suicide with her, Christiane jumped in front of the train herself. She survived with serious injuries, and police arrested her later.

The Trial

Prosecutors charged Christiane with the murders of her five kids. They said the 28-year-old was trying to keep up an image of a perfect wife with her third husband. However, the marriage fell apart anyway, and she was “emotionally overwhelmed” on her own with six kids, including four who belonged to that husband.

Overwhelmed or not, the woman killed her children. The court sentenced her to 15 years, but made it clear she would probably never get out of jail.

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