Kamala Harris About to Lose Another Top Official Amid Mass Exodus

Kamala Harris About to Lose Another Top Official Amid Mass Exodus

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In November, Vice President Kamala Harris’ Communications Director, Ashley Etienne, announced she was leaving her position to seek other opportunities. Just two weeks later, the VP’s chief spokesperson and senior advisor, Symone Sanders, resigned without giving a reason. The two back-to-back departures of those closest to Harris raise questions about the real reason those around her are beginning to distance themselves.

Sanders has a long history in Washington, DC, starting as Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) press secretary during his presidential run in 2016.

Considering the low approval ratings of both the president and vice president, it’s no wonder those who value their political careers would seek a better path. Some allege a curious timing between Stacey Abrams’ announcement to run for governor in Georgia, while others speculate Sanders is simply abandoning a sinking ship.

Whatever the reason, she’s the second high-profile resignation within Harris’ inner circle. These also come right on the heels of rumors about dysfunction within the Veep’s office and alleged strife with President Joe Biden.

Sanders will retain her position at Harris’ side through the end of the year.

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