Kamala Harris Blames Unemployment on Lack of Child Care

Kamala Harris Blames Unemployment on Lack of Child Care

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Employers across the country are looking for people to fill jobs. Republicans believe one of the reasons there’s a labor shortage is because President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus plan is slowing recovery. Vice President Kamala Harris has a different (incorrect) theory.

On Monday, June 14, the vice president tweeted statistics claiming millions of women haven’t been able to work since the beginning of the pandemic because of a lack of childcare.

The Biden administration and Democrats have been pushing this narrative for quite some time. They’re promoting the American Families Plan that would cost American taxpayers nearly $2 trillion dollars because they want the public to believe a childcare shortage is impacting the economy. The problem with their theory is that it’s wrong. Not only are they incorrect, but even an adviser who worked for former President Barack Obama has pushed back on the narrative.

In May, ex-chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, co-authored a study that found that even though there are major challenges parents have encountered from “school and daycare closures, excess employment declines among parents of young children are not a driver of continuing low employment levels.”

Harris is pushing lies on the American people in order to spend even more money. Inflation is already a problem in the US and the administration seems intent on making it worse.

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