Kamala Harris Claims Americans Will Be Forced to Sacrifice Over Ukraine

Kamala Harris Claims Americans Will Be Forced to Sacrifice Over Ukraine

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The situation in Ukraine escalated this week when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he’s supporting the independence of two breakaway regions of the nation. During his speech, he called the separatist regions “ancient Russian lands.” Hours later he ordered troops into Ukraine to occupy those areas. The United States and several allied nations swiftly issued sanctions against Russia and the two regions, Donetsk and Luhansk.

According to Vice President Kamala Harris, US citizens might be the ones left holding the bag for the sanctions. That leaves many people wondering if it’s worth getting involved if Americans are the ones who could get hurt.

Americans Will Pay

On Feb 20, after meeting with NATO leaders in Germany, Harris spoke to the press about America’s path forward. She told the press Russian sanctions would probably result in higher prices for Americans as well. She claimed when the US “stands for principles,” American citizens will sometimes have to “put [themselves] out there” they could “incur some cost.” She specifically mentioned higher energy prices in this case.

Americans Are Already Paying

The American people are currently dealing with the economic issues resulting from the pandemic. They’re paying more for nearly everything. Inflation is at a 40-year high according to some experts.

Gas prices have soared. OPEC+, of which Russia is a member, has refused to increase supply to meet demand, forcing oil prices to rise. At the beginning of the month, the group of oil-producing nations once again resisted calls to dramatically increase exports. Rising gas prices mean an increase in transportation costs, which are then passed on to the American people.

In January, the Department of Labor revealed food prices increased 6.5% in December over the previous 12 months. The price of housing has also skyrocketed, especially rents. In some areas of the country, families are seeing a 40% rise in the price of putting a roof over their heads.

Americans are paying more for nearly everything in their lives, but Harris believes they should shell out even more because Russia is occupying a foreign country. At what point does the federal government have an obligation to back off and do what’s best for families back home?

Should the president continue to issue sanctions if the administration knows the citizens of its own country will be caught in the crossfire?

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