Kamala Harris Could Preside Over Trump’s Impeachment if Justice Roberts Passes

Kamala Harris Could Preside Over Trump's Impeachment if Justice Roberts Passes

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Democrats are once again targeting President Donald Trump with impeachment. The first time they tried (and failed) to do it was apparently not enough. Reporting now indicates the trial could be historic for more than one reason.

Chief Justice John Roberts reportedly wants nothing to do with the second impeachment of President Trump. He presided over the first trial less than a year ago and on January 19, Politico reported the Supreme Court justice “wants no further part of this.”

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) revealed Kamala Harris could possibly decide who Roberts’ replacement would be during the trial. That would mean she could appoint herself to oversee a potentially unconstitutional trial meant to punish President Trump for having the audacity to question whether or not voter fraud propelled her and Joe Biden’s “win.” Doesn’t that seem a little backward? If that happens, it would be proof the Left’s thirst for revenge knows no bounds, and any chance of fairness and unity is dead.

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