Kamala Harris Slammed By Border Patrol Agents

Kamala Harris Slammed By Border Patrol Agents

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Roughly 15,000 mostly Haitian immigrants are camping along the US border, hoping to claim asylum in the US. Recently, video and photos were taken of Border Patrol agents on horseback pushing the migrants back, preventing them from crossing into America. The agents used long reins to control their horses, and Democrats accused them of whipping the migrants. The vice president is receiving condemnation from CBP employees for her remarks.

On Tuesday, September 21, Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters she’d seen the images and thought they were “horrible.” She went on to say she supports the Homeland Security investigation into the incident. Breitbart’s Brandon Darby pointed out there are two images of the photo that caused outrage. One of the photos looks like the agent is hitting a migrant with a whip, but the other shows it’s just his long reins dangling. Apparently, the VP didn’t understand the images she was viewing, but commented anyway.

One agent told Fox News that anyone with “two brain cells” would know the agents use split reins to get a “quicker response from the horse.” The agent went on to say those condemning the agents have “no clue about [Border Patrol’s] operations.” Another agent said the comments from Harris and others in leadership prove “what absolute idiots” they are.

Harris, predictably, hasn’t admitted she was wrong or apologized.

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