Kathy Griffin Tweets Severed Head Photo Again

Kathy Griffin Tweets Severed Head Photo Again

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In 2017, comedian Kathy Griffin shared a photo of herself holding President Donald Trump’s severed head. The backlash was immediate, and the D-list star later said it ruined what was left of her career. Apparently, she didn’t learn her lesson.

On November 4, Griffin, a loud and proud Leftist, shared the photo again.

Trigger warning: the following photo is disturbing.

The photo didn’t have a caption. Fellow Leftists applauded her actions in the comments below the picture. Because sharing a photo of someone’s mock death is really cool!

Griffin isn’t the only person on the Left acting so ignorantly. Her former CNN colleague, Jake Tapper, called Trump’s son his “unhinged spawn” and compared those surrounding the president to dying fish flopping on a dock.

Every day the Left proves they don’t care about civility and respect. They just want to attack the president, his children, and the Republican Party. It’s no wonder cities across the country boarded-up businesses and prepared themselves for violence.

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