Nationwide Manhunt Under Way for Escaped Killer Inmate

Escaped Killer Inmate and Corrections Officer - Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office

Alabama corrections officer, capital murder suspect are both missing, sheriff says – USA TODAY

Officials of the Alabama County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are trying to find out if the killer inmate Casey White and the director Vicki White were in a secret relationship.  They are not related but have the same common last name.  Vicki White told her colleagues she would take the inmate for a mental health evaluation, and standard protocol would require two armed guards for such a task.  She was able to leave alone with the inmate because she had 25 years of seniority over the other corrections officers. They were not in a position to question her.

After dumping the car, they left the prison with at a shopping mall. Both have disappeared; the Sheriff’s office wants to believe she was somehow overpowered and forced to help the inmate escape, but the storylines up more with a cooperative escape effort of possible prison lovers.  Vicki was armed with a 9mm handgun, so authorities are presuming in any case that Casey White is Armed and Dangerous.

“Investigators are currently attempting to locate any video that may tell us more about what we’re dealing with,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said. “The fact that the two are missing was not realized until approximately 3:30 p.m. (Friday).”

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