Kim Kardashian Lands Hollywood Heavy-Hitters for New Legal Drama – Halle Berry and Glenn Close Join Cast and Production Crew

Los Angeles, California – Kim Kardashian is making her mark in the world of acting, as she joins forces with acclaimed talents Halle Berry and Glenn Close in a new legal drama titled “All’s Fair.” This upcoming series, created by Ryan Murphy, Jon Robin Baitz, and Joe Baken, promises to deliver a high-end, glossy, and sexy adult procedural experience for viewers.

According to reports, Kardashian will be portraying a Los Angeles-based divorce attorney and the owner of an all-female law firm on the show. Joining the lineup of executive producers is none other than Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, adding to the star power behind the scenes.

While a premiere date for “All’s Fair” has yet to be announced, audiences got a glimpse of its inception during the season five premiere of “The Kardashians.” During this episode, Murphy praised Kardashian’s past acting work on “American Horror Story: Delicate,” leading to the opportunity for her to star in her own show.

“You were really, really good,” Murphy commended Kardashian on her acting skills. “To the point they called me and was like, ‘Do you think Kim would want to do her own show?'” With Berry, Close, and Kardashian at the helm, “All’s Fair” is poised to be a must-watch series, blending star power with compelling storytelling in the world of law and relationships.