Kroger In Meltdown After 80 Locations Hit With Worker Strikes

Kroger In Meltdown After 80 Locations Hit With Worker Strikes

( – Kroger-owned King Soopers is the number one grocery store chain in Colorado, bringing in sales of about $132.5 billion per year. On January 12, over 8,000 workers across about 80 King Soopers in Denver, demanded better wages from the company and went on strike when its offers fell short. As a result, Kroger had to bring in temporary staff to keep the stores open and encouraged shoppers to use the online delivery option while the company negotiated with the unionized workers. Some estimate the strike could continue for weeks, affecting shoppers across the state and leading to many empty shelves.

Before the walkout, the workers demanded a $6-per-hour raise for every employee. However, King Soopers only offered $4.50, which wasn’t enough to stop the strike.

In a desperate second attempt to keep workers in the grocery store, the company offered workers additional healthcare benefits and a $16-per-hour starting pay. Unfortunately, it was $2-per-hour less than what Kroger was offering replacement workers across many locations. The president of UFCW Local 7, Kim Cordova, said the substandard offer was only a few cents over the minimum wage in Denver, leading to its rejection.

Kroger’s isn’t the only company with a strike on its hands. Recently, Kellogg’s settled with its workers after an 11-week strike that began October 5 and ended on December 21.

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