Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Reveals Plans to Sue Joe Biden For Libel

Kyle Rittenhouse's Lawyer Reveals Plans To Sue Joe Biden For Libel

( – The Left does this thing where they call everyone on the Right white supremacists or racists. President Donald Trump has had the insults thrown at him for years. However, in a recent attack on the POTUS, Joe Biden messed with the wrong kid and made a big mistake.

In a tweet meant to attack Trump, Biden posted a video of a number of incidents he implied were perpetrated by white supremacists. Included in the video, was a snapshot of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old awaiting trial on murder charges resulting from the Kenosha, WI riots.

One of Rittenhouse’s attorneys, Lin Wood, saw the tweet and responded. He told Biden and his campaign to prepare for a libel lawsuit.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a teenager who was trying to help protect private property from violent rioters. He’s a vocal supporter of the police. There’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist. When Biden posted that tweet, he was attaching a label to a kid who is fighting for his freedom. Now the former vice president might have to pay for his careless words.

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