LA Driver Speeds Through Intersection And Kills 5 People Including Pregnant Woman


Mercedes driver arrested in Windsor Hills crash that killed 5 – Los Angeles Times

Five people were killed and eight were injured in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. A Mercedes-Benz traveling at a high rate of speed ran a red light, which is what started the fatal crash.

Nicole Linton, a nurse, was driving the Mercedes-Benz that crashed into several cars on La Brea Avenue between 80 and 100 miles per hour, killing four people and injuring eight others.

After the crash, a streak of fire burned on the ground and smoke could be seen billowing from miles away. Asherey Ryan and her unborn child were among six people killed when Linton’s speeding car ran a red light and crashed into cars.

Linton hit woman’s car as she was leaving a gas station, which caused fear over a potential gasoline-fueled explosion.

Witnesses said they saw sparks and electricity and thought a bomb had been dropped, but then realized it was a car crash. The driver was arrested and was being booked on vehicular manslaughter charges.

Mourners began to gather at the crash site Friday. Witnesses described a horrific scene, with flames lapping up at the gas station sign and people running out with fire extinguishers.

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