Lake Tahoe Couple Who Went Missing Have Now Been Found Dead


Couple who went missing same day as Kiely Rodni found dead – New York Post

A woman and her ex-boyfriend were found dead in an embankment 11 days after going missing in the same area by Lake Tahoe as Kiely Rodni.

Rodni, 16, vanished from the Prosser Family Campground on the same day as the bodies of the former couple were found. A massive search has now been conducted. Police have photos of Kiely at the party, but no one has come forward saying they saw Kiely leave. The department has received hundreds of tips, but has had few leads after almost two weeks of searching.

The vehicle that Pentoja and Zavala were riding in was found down an embankment near Highway 20 and Poker Flats Road in Penn Valley, California.

Pantoja’s sister told news sources that police were rude and didn’t keep in contact often. She felt like they were giving possible suspects time to run.

Pantoja and Zavala were found outside of a crashed vehicle after a man spotted it. Police say they have followed more than 1,200 dead-end leads and have yet to process 79. They have released details about Rodni’s vehicle, a silver 2013 Honda CRV.

Placer County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Josh Barnhart said that authorities will continue to move forward with their investigation.

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