Larry Elder Attacked in Broad Daylight

Larry Elder Attacked in Broad Daylight

( – California’s recall election is just days away. Voters will head to the polls on September 14 to decide whether Governor Gavin Newsom (D) should remain the head of the Golden State or if someone else should replace him.

Conservative radio host Larry Elder currently has the most support of all the candidates running against Newsom. Democrats are doing their best to smear him and sow distrust among voters. Recently, protesters took their anger out in pretty disgusting ways.

Elder Attacked

On Wednesday, September 8, Elder visited a homeless camp in Southern California. People living in the encampment were upset the gubernatorial candidate was there and started shouting at him. At one point, a woman wearing a gorilla mask ran up and threw an egg at him.

The egg didn’t strike Elder but the woman also tried to hit a staff member. Another man also attacked that staff member, reportedly punching him in the back of his head.

Elder cut the tour short after the attacks.

Racist Attack

Republicans quickly pointed out the racial undertones of the attack. Elder is a black man, and the woman was white and wearing a gorilla mask. Historically, racists have used monkeys and other primates to describe black people. Some believe the woman wore the gorilla mask because Elder is black. Others are describing the incident as a hate crime. Imagine what Democrats would say if a conservative in a gorilla mask threw eggs at Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident.

Elder told ABC 7 that he wasn’t afraid for his safety after the attack. Instead, he explained, it’s an example of why voters should kick Governor Newsom out of office. “People are angry. People are furious. People are mentally ill. This problem needs to be fixed, and Gavin Newsom has made it worse,” he said.

Where the Recall Stands

When voters head to the polls on Tuesday, they will answer two questions. The first is whether they believe Newsom should be recalled. The second is who should replace him if they voted “yes” to the first question. More than 50% of voters must choose to keep him in office if he hopes to hold his seat.

According to a Newsweek report, Newsom is currently in a good position to hold his seat. However, just a few weeks ago, he looked like he might lose it. In other words, anything could happen.

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