Las Vegas Man Claims He ‘Blacked-Out’ Before He Stabbed His Wife 30 Times

Las Vegas Police Department

A Las Vegas man appeared in court Tuesday on charges that he stabbed his wife about 30 times while she was asking for a divorce, police said. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials said the 60-year-old was booked Friday into jail for attempted murder and domestic battery with significant bodily injury.

Clifford Jacobs said he and his wife of 15 years began fighting in their apartment Wednesday afternoon, according to police, and then he blacked out. He said he next remembered being covered in her blood.

Police officers applied tourniquets to the women’s arms as they waited for paramedics. Hospital officials at University Medical Center said the woman suffered approximately 30 puncture wounds and had nerve injuries to her face and neck.

Police investigators later found five kitchen knives and a pair of bloody scissors inside the apartment, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Jacobs launched the assault against his wife after she asked for a divorce. Jacobs told officers on the scene the couple had been fighting when he passed out. He came to while running toward his Procyon Street condominiums rental office, with blood from his wife covering parts of his body, according to a report.

According to The Review-Journal, Jacobs was said to have shouted, “I thought I killed her” and, “I am stabbing her,” while running around the apartment complex. Jacobs wife was seriously injured, according to several reports, but survived.

Records show that Jacobs is being held on a $500,000 bond for his alleged crimes.

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