Las Vegas Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Burger King Brawl

After allegedly kidnapping another woman and slashing her face with a boxcutter in a Burger King restaurant, a Las Vegas prostitute has been arrested and charged with a litany of crimes.

According to KVVU-TV, Mieleena Harris-Brower, a 27-year-old from Little Rock, was involved in a violent altercation possibly tied to her work as a prostitute, and was charged with first-degree kidnapping, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm, and second-degree kidnapping.

The incident began when Harris-Brower blocked two women in the bathroom and would not let them leave after a large group of women argued in the parking lot.

A box cutter was allegedly used during the argument by Harris-Brower to slash one of the victims on her face, breast, and arm, as well as cut the second victim on the finger during the argument.

The suspect left the scene and was later apprehended by police at a Walmart nearby.

An alleged victim refused to speak with police after being taken to a nearby hospital.

As one of the victims told police, Harris-Bower was her “wifey,” a prostitution term, but they no longer had a relationship since Harris-Brower allegedly called the police on her in the past.

When police searched Harris-Brower’s phone records, they discovered she had previously called police and had an active prostitution bench warrant at the time.

“In the police report, Mieleena states that she is a working prostitute and she shares ‘dates’ with [redacted], but does not consider them her ‘wife’ since she cannot be trusted.”

She claims that the victim slapped her and brandished a knife outside Burger King, prompting Harris-Brower to seek help inside, at which point a taser was used against her.

Harris-Brower said she attacked with a box cutter in self-defense.

If convicted, Harris-Brower faces life without parole in prison and was being held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center.

A spokesperson for Burger King told Fox in a statement, “We are aware of the events that took place at this location and have spoken with the local franchisee, who confirmed no Team Members were directly affected. To ensure the restaurant is a safe place for guests as well as Team Members, the franchisee has worked with local law enforcement and will continue to do so.”