Law Enforcement Discovers Massive Smuggling Ring

( – America is in the midst of an immigration crisis that has spun out of control. Tens of thousands of illegals have poured across the southern border, with some of them having been smuggled into the country. Recently, police in Texas believe they found dozens of smuggled immigrants holed up in a house.

On April 30, Houston police revealed they’d found an estimated 91 people — 86 men and 5 women — in a home in the southwest section of the city. According to reports, a kidnapping was reported to the police the day before and their search eventually led them to the house in question. According to the New York Post, some of the people in the home reportedly had COVID-19.

Assistant Police Chief Daryn Edwards told journalists the individuals were found “in their basic clothing…all huddled together.” They’d reportedly had nothing to eat in a while, so Edwards said law enforcement was feeding them. Witness accounts place Homeland Security on the scene investigating. No other information is known at this time.

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