Law Enforcement Finally Stands Up to Democrats

( – Police departments across the country have mandated officers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, officers are fighting back and demanding their cities respect their personal freedoms.

October 18 was the deadline for Washington state employees, including troopers, to get the vaccine. State Trooper Robert LeMay, a 22-year police veteran, quit his job over Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine requirement. He had a message for the liberal state leader on his way out, telling him to kiss his rear end.

Hundreds of other state workers also quit their jobs. In Chicago, police officers and Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) are fighting over the mandate. It’s grown so adversarial, a judge has ordered a local police union president to stop making public statements. In Massachusetts, roughly 150 state police officers resigned or declared their intention to do so over the vaccine mandate.

Democrats argue the mandates are in the officers’ best interest and public safety as COVID-19 is now the number one cause of death for police. However, officers across the country argue it should be a personal choice to undergo the procedure. The state should not have the right to make medical decisions for employees.

The question now is if the battle is going to make America less safe.

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