Law Enforcement Tells Religious People to Prepare for More Attacks

Law Enforcement Tells Religious People to Prepare for More Attacks

( – Hate crimes have risen dramatically over the last several years and were at their highest in a decade in 2021. A lot has been discussed in the media about the anti-Asian hate crimes across the country, but there’s another group that’s experienced a great deal of animosity: Jews.

Last year, the American Jewish Committee revealed nearly 25% of Jews said they’d experienced anti-Semitism in the previous 12 months. The organization called the hate directed at the Jewish community a “severe problem.”

This hatred is now in the news again after a recent attack and warnings from federal law enforcement officials.

The Attack

On Saturday, January 15, Colleyville, Texas police received a 911 call about an intruder arguing with Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker. The intruder, later identified as 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, pulled a gun on the rabbi and then took those in the synagogue hostage.

The British National claimed he wasn’t part of an international terrorist organization, yet he was definitely behaving like a terrorist. In fact, during his last phone call with his brother during the siege, he reportedly ranted about jihadism, the US wars in the Middle East and Jews. He told his brother he claimed American troops were going into the countries and raping their people, declaring, “Maybe they’ll have compassion for f****** Jews.”

After more than 10 hours, a SWAT team was able to put an end to the hostage situation and free the victims. They all got out safely, but officers killed Akram.

FBI Aftermath and Warning

In the immediate aftermath of the hostage situation, the FBI tried to downplay it, saying the agency didn’t believe it was a crime against Jews. After outrage from the community, the federal law enforcement agency revised its statement and admitted the attack was targeting Jewish people.

Days after the attack, reports indicated a memo went out to law enforcement officials nationwide warning there would likely be more terrorist attacks on faith-based communities. The FBI and Homeland Security warned police to “maintain strong operational security and situational awareness” at events terrorists could exploit.

Americans should also be aware of the threat, especially people of faith. If something isn’t right or seems suspicious, say something – it could save a life.

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