Lawmaker Booted for Non-Compliance

Lawmaker Booted for Non-Compliance

( – States and businesses across the US are trying to force Americans to wear masks. The idea is the face coverings help slow the spread of the virus. One state decided to force lawmakers to comply with a rule requiring personal protective equipment (PPE). When one representative refused, he was removed from a legislative session.

On May 20, the Illinois House of Representatives voted 81-27 to boot state Rep. Darren Bailey (R) because he refused to wear a mask. According to the Chicago Tribune, the lawmaker responded, ”I will not,” when others asked him if he was going to wear the face-covering.

Bailey doesn’t just have a problem with the masks, he’s also sued Governor J.B. Pritzker for exceeding his authority by issuing a stay-at-home order. In fact, one day after the lawmaker was removed from the legislative session, his lawsuit was sent to federal court.

The Republican lawmaker firmly believes in individual rights and freedoms, just like many other Americans. Is that not his right? The CDC guidelines do not require masks, so why should Bailey have to wear one? A pandemic doesn’t mean the government can stomp all over the rights of the people and that’s the point he seems to be making.

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