Leftist Activist Facing Serious Charge

Leftist Activist Facing Serious Charge

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Black Lives Matter and its affiliates often take to the streets after a police-involved shooting to call for justice. An affiliate group with a similar ideology to BLM claims it wants to put an end to the violence that’s plaguing the community (in their opinion) at the hands of law enforcement. It seems at least one former leader of the group hasn’t committed that same energy for justice outside of the marches.

On May 1, Iowa City police arrested former Iowa Freedom Riders leader, Mazin M. Mohamedali, age 20, on one count of accessory after the fact. Mohamedali’s charge is related to a murder that took place in his apartment on February 1, when Sammy Hamed, 22, allegedly shot to death Quincy Russom, 19. Police say Mohamedali knew who shot the victim but withheld the information for about 30 minutes before calling 911, deleted his cell phone call history, removed Snapchat from his phone and gave police fake descriptions of the people involved.

It seems Mohamedali doesn’t actually value the lives of his fellow man. If he did, he would have been honest with the police and aided them in the investigation. Sadly, the “never snitch” mentality is pervasive in inner-city communities and helps contribute to a multitude of unsolved murders across the country. Perhaps, BLM and its affiliates should broaden their focus and get to work on actually helping to end violence, instead of just shouting slogans when it’s politically convenient.

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