Liberal Activists Unveil List of Demands Targeting Kyle Rittenhouse

( – The US justice system is a multi-step process that starts with the defendant’s presumed innocence, a right to a trial by jury, followed by a verdict of guilty or not guilty. In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, a jury of his peers acquitted the teen of all charges related to the August 2020 incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Although he should be able to move on with his life, a group of left-leaning students at Arizona State University (ASU) is demanding the college ban him from taking nursing classes.

The group also wants the school to release a statement denouncing white supremacy and Rittenhouse himself. Plus, it wants support for the on-campus multicultural center verbally and financially.

The student organization claims the young man values property over people and showed “violent intentions” with his actions, making them feel unsafe on campus. Rittenhouse is currently taking online classes but allegedly showed interest in attending in person.

Instead of moving on with his life, Kyle has to face backlash from a part of the public that believes in his guilt. According to law experts, his troubles are far from over. In fact, former US assistant attorney Neama Rahmani said the teen would likely face civil lawsuits. In the meantime, he will continue to have to fight for his future at ASU.

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