Liberal Host Calls for Armed Violence

Liberal Host Calls for Armed Violence

( – As violence increases across the nation, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross communicated a shocking message to Liberals on January 22. She was interviewing Democratic congressional candidate Jasmine Crockett when she urged the left to “pick up a weapon” for the country’s safety. From her perspective, America’s democracy is under attack by Republicans, and Democrats need to fight and win the war. Although her words may have been metaphorical, the sentiment was in bad taste considering the current divide in the United States and the recent rise in violent crime.

State of the Union

On January 6, 2021, thousands of Americans stormed the Capitol in what most Democrats felt was a violent effort to stop the Democratic process of seating President Joe Biden in the Oval Office. As a result, the House of Representatives formed a commission to investigate and possibly prosecute those involved. Considering the fervor with which the Left is pursuing the matter, something akin to a witch hunt, it’s surprising to hear anyone call for Liberals to arm themselves, even if it was tongue in cheek. In the wake of the increase in violent crimes throughout 2021, even alluding to armed fighting, battles, or war within the boundaries of the United States is not only unhelpful, but could be damaging. Calls for unity and togetherness by the MSNBC host might have been better received as Americans weather the storms happening across the country.

Details About the Interview

During Cross’ interview with Crockett, she inquired about ideas to protect democracy if Americans continue to question the validity of US elections. The congressional candidate spoke about continuing to do her part to fight and relayed her plan to never give up on America. She mentioned defending democracy “is a war” and not a battle. Cross responded with her call to arms. Surprisingly, the last time someone asked a group of Americans to fight for freedom, it only led to violence which most on the Left condemned. Following the interview, several people on Twitter blasted the host for her poor choice of words.

Sadly, more division and violence are the last thing needed in the United States. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the mental state of many in America, struggles with the economy, out of control inflation, and polarized political division with little middle ground, citizens would benefit more from a message of unity and peace from all sides of the political fence.

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