Liberal Mayor Faces Karma

( – Liberal city councils and mayors around the country have begun supporting the asinine “defund the police” movement championed by Black Lives Matter (BLM). Breea Clark, the mayor of Norman, Oklahoma, was one of the politicians who targeted the officers in her city. Now, she’s facing the music.

According to a report by The Oklahoman, a group called “Unite Norman” claims they’ve gathered enough signatures to recall Clark and three city council members. The group made the announcement on August 14 and said they did it because of the leaders’ decision to reduce the city’s police budget by $865,000.

Russell Smith, the group’s co-founder, said what they did was “historic” and said the effort was about “taking our town back.” In order to recall the mayor, they had to get 18,124 signatures — or 25% of registered voters in the town. Reportedly, 20,560 residents signed the petition. Unite Norman also had to get signatures from 25% of the voters in each of the councilmembers’ wards — they succeeded.

Liberal politicians are underestimating how much Americans love their police officers. Our country backs the blue and this is more proof of that.

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