Liberal State Moves to Destroy NRA

Liberal State Moves to Destroy NRA

( – The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the most effective organizations in America. It fights to keep the Second Amendment from being infringed on by overreaching Liberal laws, and it’s been incredibly successful. Maybe that’s why the state of New York is now trying to destroy it.

On August 6, NY Attorney General Letitia James and her office filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the NRA. The Democrat accused Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and other leaders of “a culture of self-dealing.” She insisted the organization is “so powerful” it’s gone “unchecked” and it’s “fraught with fraud and abuse.”

A tweet from the NRA’s Twitter account says the organization’s president, Carolyn D. Meadows, believes the lawsuit is a “baseless, premeditated attack.”

The statement from Meadows also says the NRA is filing a countersuit against the NY attorney general.

Why would NY file this suit now? Is this just another way to target Conservatives in an election year?

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