Lieutenant Colonel Resigns, Sends Perfect Message to Joe Biden

( – The US military recently announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all service members. An Army officer is now resigning in protest over the order.

In August, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Douglas Hague wrote a letter of resignation to the Army after almost 19 years of service. The service member decided to leave the military one year before he qualified for his pension because he refused to subject himself to an “unlawful, unethical, immoral and tyrannical” mandate that forces him to “allow a serum to be injected” into his body against his will.

The Army already requires active-duty members to receive nine other mandatory vaccines when they enter the military and nearly a dozen others depending on where they’re deployed. However, Hague said he thinks the COVID-19 vaccine needs to undergo longer testing even though the CDC and FDA have said the vaccines are safe and effective.

Hague went on to say he doesn’t have confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to lead. He blames the president for the ISIS-K terrorist attack that killed 13 service members in Afghanistan. Fox News reached out to him, and he revealed he did start the process to retire.

The Army refused to comment on Hague’s resignation.

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