Major Wheat Crisis Incoming. Expert Warns World Supply Almost Gone.

Russia taunts the US on global food security crisis – The Jerusalem Post

The West’s sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine have sent the price of grain, cooking oil, fertilizer, and energy soaring. Exacerbating a severe inflation problem that is only getting more problematic by the day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was not the source of the food crisis, but the sanctions imposed against Russia were.

The world has only an estimated 10-weeks worth of wheat on hand.

Russia claims sanctions are disrupting routes, preventing Russian vessels from delivering goods, and restricting commercial transactions, but U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said those claims are false and sanctions aren’t preventing Russia from exporting food and fertilizers.

Russia and Ukraine account for nearly a third of global wheat supplies, and Russia and Belarus export potash to 36 countries, including some of the poorest. Potash is the main fertilizer used that keeps crop yields high enough to feed the world. Without fertilizer, much of the world will fall far short of enough food to go around.

The unintended consequences of unmitigated disruptions from heavy sanctions could destabilize much of the world. When basics like bread are not available in countries where it is the dietary staple, there has always been major public unrest, if not full-out rebellion.

The war in Ukraine has added fuel to a long burning fire, and the global food insecurity problem isn’t going away anytime soon, a food insecurity expert told the UN Security Council this week.

The U.N. food chief warned that the war in Ukraine has created an unprecedented crisis of escalating food prices.

The World Food Program executive director said 49 million people in 43 countries are already “knocking on famine’s door” and that political unrest and protests are already occurring.

The world is experiencing a shortage of fertilizer, droughts, cooking oil, grain and oil, and supply chain/logistical bottlenecks due to the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and restrictions on natural gas and exports amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Kremlin said Ukraine had made commercial shipping impossible by mining its waters. In contrast, the U.N. food agency said 25 million tonnes of grain were stuck in Ukraine due to infrastructure challenges and blocked seaports.

Perhaps more telling is that globalization once again is going to backfire, big time, in the first world. Just like in the pandemic, supply chain problems resulted in a lack of medical protective gear. Only this time the product is essential to life: food and fertilizer.

The Biden administration has no immediate answer to the problem because there is no immediate answer. Eliminating vital supplies from world trade was a major mistake and is not going to help anyone involved. Least of which Ukraine.

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