Man Accused Of Killing Las Vegas Police Officer Just Finished Sentence For Other Gun Crimes


Two years ago, the man suspected of shooting and killing a Las Vegas Metro police officer was charged with a gun-related crime, court documents and police records show.

Tyson Hampton, 24, was arrested early Thursday morning in connection with the shooting death of 49-year-old LVMPD Officer Truong Thai.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Thai, a 23-year Metro police veteran, responded to a domestic disturbance involving Hampton on University Center Drive near the 800 block of East Flamingo Road.

Records show Hampton previously pleaded nolo contendere, which means he accepted the allegations but denied guilt, to a misdemeanor charge in 2021.

Eight News Now Investigators obtained Thursday records showing a family fight occurred in July 2020, which led to the charges.

In the middle of the fight, Hampton pulled out a gun and pointed it at a woman, saying, “I wish you would do something,” according to the report.

Investigators learned that Hampton had previously shot a bullet into a ceiling during another argument, according to a family member.

“During arguments, Tyson has been known to pull guns on the family,” police wrote.

There are two victims listed in court records, although their involvement remained unclear Thursday afternoon. When contacted Thursday, they declined to comment on Hampton’s latest arrest.

Police responded to a call for service in November 2019 regarding Hampton, who was allegedly making threats. According to the police, a member of Hampton’s family reported him firing a bullet into the ceiling as well.

A gunshot and a family argument were reported in December 2019, the document states. The police were unable to find any evidence that a gun had been fired. “A gun was seen on the couch in the living room,” they wrote.

According to police reports, Hampton told police that he “never pulled out a gun on anyone and didn’t know why they’re saying he did.”

In his sentence, Judge Sciscento gave Hampton a suspension of 90 days in jail. In addition, Hampton was ordered to complete 50 hours of community service and forfeit a Glock handgun.

As Hampton completed his sentencing requirements, the court closed his case in October 2021.

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