Man Admits To Stabbing Former Lover 58 Times And Stuffing Her Remains In A Hockey Bag

A handyman has admitted killing a mother of two in Queens. David Bonola, 44, will spend up to 25 years in prison after stabbing Orsolya Gaal nearly 60 times.

The District Attorney said the killing devastated an entire family and horrified the surrounding community. The defendant has accepted responsibility for his actions and is being held fully accountable.

Bonola, 44, pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter in the first degree and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

According to the charges, Bonola went to the victim’s home at approximately 12:30 am on Saturday, April 16, and slashed her throat. He then proceeded to stab her about 58 times in total.

He then dragged her body half a mile away and dumped it near a popular walking path. Police followed a trail of blood to his gated community. He was captured on security video surveillance footage wheeling a hockey duffel bag containing Gaal’s dismembered body.

The authorities theorized that Bonola moved Gaal’s body so her family wouldn’t see it, but the bloody trail through the neighborhood attracted considerable attention. A pair of blood-soaked boots were what ultimately led the police to Bonola.

When Gaal was found dead, a homicide detective said that Bonola and Gaal had an “intimate-type relationship” and had a “heated argument” over “domestic” issues.

As the police combed the crime scene, Bonola walked up to detectives and said, “I hear you are looking for me.” Days later, he made incriminating statements and confessed to stabbing the victim.

Bonola’s sentence is close to a 25-to-life sentence, and he will be released at 69 years old. The killing crushed Gaal’s entire family, leaving two boys without a mother.

Queen’s District Attorney Melinda Katz expressed her condolences to the victim’s family and said she hoped the plea would allow them to begin to heal.

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