Man Calls 911 On Himself After Shooting His Father To Death


‘He’s Dead Now:’ Florida Man Calls 911 on Himself and Admits To Murdering His Father – [911 AUDIO] -Breaking 911

Kyle Raemisch, 21, fatally shot his 52-year-old father in their shared home on Sunday, July 31, 2022, and then called 911 to report it. He has been booked into the Polk County Jail and charged with first degree murder.

Deputies arrived on scene and located the suspect, Kyle Raemisch. They conducted a safety sweep of the residence and found the victim lying on the garage floor, obviously deceased, with apparent gunshot wounds throughout his body.

Before Law Enforcement arrived, suspect Kyle Raemisch contacted 911 and stated he had shot the victim.

Kyle Raemisch told authorities he shot the victim “because of the money” and that he had been “held hostage for far too long”. He also told the dispatcher that his dad was trying to kill him “with money”.

Sheriff Judd says Raemish was having an episode and wasn’t taking his medication.

Raemisch had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been Baker Acted several times. He was detained after the sheriff’s office got a call from a neighbor.

The neighbor called 911 and said Raemisch was shooting a gun in a garage, and the victim was dead when deputies arrived. They found 15 spent shell casings and a black Sig Sauer 9MM semi-automatic handgun at the scene.

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