Man charged with murder after strangling an escort in a Las Vegas hotel room

LAS VEGAS, NV – A man has reportedly confessed to strangling and sexually assaulting a sex worker in a hotel room, leading to his self-surrender and subsequent murder charge, according to recent reports.

Larissa Garcia, 30, succumbed to her injuries on June 21, more than a week after the June 12 incident at the Palms Casino Resort. Garcia, who advertised her services under the names “Andrea” and “Dallas,” was found with a cut on her jaw after Jason Kendall, 35, called police claiming she was overdosing.

Kendall turned himself in at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters on Friday afternoon, where he was booked on charges of open murder, sexual assault, and battery by strangulation with intent to commit sexual assault. The arrest was first reported on Friday evening.

Initial police response was delayed as Kendall reported an overdose. However, hospital doctors later determined Garcia had no alcohol or drugs in her system, leading them to suspect foul play. Surveillance footage from the Palms Casino showed Kendall meeting Garcia in the lobby and later leaving the room alone, with no other individuals entering or exiting until security arrived.

Further investigation revealed messages between Kendall and Garcia and a history of Kendall viewing Garcia’s escort advertisement. When police located Kendall at another hotel, he requested an attorney and declined to provide information, though officers noted he had injuries to his back and shoulder.

On June 18, a nurse specializing in sexual assault examinations confirmed that Garcia had been strangled and possibly suffocated. She was declared brain-dead on June 21. Kendall made his initial court appearance on Saturday, where a judge ordered him held without bail pending his next appearance on Tuesday.

Kendall reportedly confessed to the assault, stating he paid Garcia $2,000 for sex but “snapped” when she requested additional payment. He admitted to hitting and choking her for ten minutes before sexually assaulting her. Afterward, he moved her away from the door and left, later calling the police to report an overdose.

The Clark County coroner’s office has not released additional information about Garcia’s death, citing the inability to locate next of kin. Garcia leaves behind two children and was attending school at the time of her death. Kendall is an Army veteran.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department typically issues press releases for homicides but did not release one for this delayed death. Official news of Kendall’s arrest was made public on Saturday, following initial reports.