Man Dies From Eating Raw Oysters In Freak Accident At Florida Restaurant

Raw oysters

Oyster safety tips following 2 reported deaths linked to the shellfish – New York Post

A 55-year-old Air Force veteran from Dallas fell ill after eating raw oysters that were caught in Louisiana waters, and was diagnosed with vibriosis, a bacterial infection that’s usually connected to raw or undercooked shellfish or seawater exposure.

The FDA wrote that this fatality caused by Vibrio Volnificus occurred after eating only three oysters.

Jackson, who was a business director, died from an oyster-related infection, the second to happen in Florida, but the first has not been identified to the public.

The Florida Department of Health says 26 people this yea r have become infected with the bacteria and six of them later died after eating raw shellfish.

The restaurant that served the food passed an inspection and was allowed to continue serving oysters.

The restaurant has signs warning diners eating raw shellfish may increase your risk of food-borne illness. The state is investigating, but as a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid eating anything raw.

The CDC recommends boiling shellfish until their shells open, then continuing to cook them for another three to five minutes for good measure. Alternatively, steaming whole oysters for four to nine minutes is also safe.

The CDC also says people with open wounds or recent surgery should stay out of salt water and brackish water and wash any wounds thoroughly with soap and water. This also helps to prevent infection.

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