Man Dies In Court After Chugging Bottle Of Mystery Liquid During Child Sex Abuse Verdict

Texas man dies after chugging bottle of liquid in court as he was convicted of child abuse – The Independent

Leclair, who had been found guilty of five counts of child sexual assault, began chugging murky water during his hearing. He was later found unresponsive in the holding cell, dead before he could be sentenced for his crimes.

The judge wondered whether the defendant’s suicide qualified as a “volunteering absence” and if the water bottle contained a toxic substance that led to his death.

Leclair’s initial criminal offense took place in July 2016. He met with his victim, had sex with her, gave her $200, and received a nude photograph from her via email.

Two years after the victim was sexually assaulted, Leclair’s girlfriend Melody “Mel” Shae discovered the victim’s communication with Leclair and threatened the victim. Mel Shae then drove the victim back to Leclair’s house, where Leclair had assaulted the victim.

Leclair was indicted on five counts of child sexual assault and pleaded not guilty. After the jury returned a guilty verdict, Leclair took a prolonged drink from a water bottle and collapsed, according to a news release.

The Denton Fire Department was dispatched to the Denton County Courthouse after receiving a call for an unconscious male. They found the man unconscious but breathing, and evaluated him at the scene.

The judge and the prosecutor discussed how to best disclose Leclair’s death to the jury, and told the jurors they could talk with the lawyers about what had happened.

Howard said the judge will declare a mistrial and dismiss the case, and that the alleged victim and Ed’s family will not get to the ultimate conclusion.

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