Man falls ill after eating Taco Bell laced with rat poison

Authorities in Colorado have launched an investigation after a man ate burritos from a Taco Bell in Aurora and fell violently ill. His sickness believed to be caused by rat poison being present in the food, CBS Colorado reports. The incident happened around 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Deputy John Bartmann of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office detailed that they are currently analyzing if the rat poison was intentionally added to the victim’s meal from the restaurant. However, they have not determined that as of yet.

An official from the sheriff’s office informed the station that the individual’s life was in grave danger. Consequently, the incident has been deemed a “criminal attempt homicide” by law enforcement.

The victim had visited Taco Bell and had a dispute with the staff concerning his food order. The manager, Lary Swift, informed CBS Colorado that the man was angry that the drink station was not working and asked for something free to settle the issue.

Consequently, he was given three bean burritos and received a fourth one at no charge, according to Swift.

The discussion became so intense that police were called before the man received his free meal and left, according to KHOU. Reportedly, it was not until hours later that the man ate the food and then began to feel unwell.

Bartmann informed the station that there was a significant amount of rat poison present in the meal, which could have posed a significant risk to the man’s health.

Deputies closed the Taco Bell in question on Sunday, yet manager Lary Swift denied any misconduct on the part of his personnel staff.

Police are taking the investigation seriously and are examining the security camera recordings that have been handed over. Furthermore, other pieces of evidence will be closely studied.

It is suspected that the victim consumed food from Taco Bell containing rat poison, although the source of the contamination is yet to be determined.

After a health inspection was carried out, it was reported that the Taco Bell location was given permission to resume operations.