Man gets stabbed in the head with a flagpole in bizarre attack at fast food restaurant

A man in Oklahoma narrowly escaped death after being impaled by a flagpole, with an American flag attached, during a shocking incident at a fast food restaurant. The assailant, identified as Clinton Collins, allegedly attacked the victim in front of multiple witnesses at a Sonic in the Tulsa Hills neighborhood.

The incident took place at a Sonic in the Tulsa Hills neighborhood. The assailant, identified as Clinton Collins, allegedly stabbed the victim with the makeshift weapon, proclaiming, “That’s what he gets. He deserved it.” The pole entered the victim’s head beneath his jaw and exited near his right temple.

Law enforcement officers wasted no time in apprehending Collins, who was immediately taken into custody and charged with maiming. Officer Danny Bean described the scene as something out of a TV show or horror movie, with the pole penetrating the victim’s head from one side to the other. Remarkably, the American flag remained attached to the pole throughout the attack. Tulsa firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole to to help the victim fit into the ambulance so that he could be transported to a hospital.

Despite the severity of the assault, the victim is expected to survive, although he may lose an eye as a result. Maiming is a felony offense in Oklahoma, carrying a potential punishment of life imprisonment. The motive behind the attack remains unknown. Authorities haven’t yet disclosed any details regarding the circumstances leading up to the incident within the fast food chain.

The case’s jurisdiction is also uncertain due to the assailant’s affiliation with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. It remains unclear whether the case will be handled in tribal court or US District Court.