Man Kills Deputy And Flees The Scene In Tragic Hit-And-Run


Man in country illegally arrested after hitting, killing Pinellas County deputy and fleeing scene – FOX 13 Tampa

A front loader hit and killed Deputy Hartwick. The operator kept going after he hit the deputy, according to PCSO. Deputies say the driver of the front loader killed a deputy and fled on foot after taking off his construction hat and traffic vest.

Deputy Michael Hartwick was killed late Thursday night along Interstate 275 in Pinellas County. A bloodhound tracked down the suspect.

Gualtieri says construction workers lied to deputies and hindered the investigation by providing false names and information.

This company is employing a bunch of illegals who are lying and giving us fake names, fake IDs, and a lot of fake IDs out of North Carolina.

The construction worker who was suspected of accidentally hitting and killing the deputy has been captured after nearly 10 hours on the run. The sheriff says the worker was working for an illegal contractor and didn’t stop to render aid.

Local law enforcement has no jurisdiction to enforce immigration, and can only call ICE to report an illegal immigrant.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office told FOX 13 that they are investigating a case of illegal immigrants obtaining employment with contractors working with the State of Florida. They said they would continue their lawful efforts to interdict and relocate illegal immigrants.

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