Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend And 3 Others Before Turning The Gun On Himself

On November 4, shortly before 4 p.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting and found the deceased bodies of those involved.

This unsettling discovery, prompting more questions and answers in the Agricopia neighborhood of La Plata, involves a shooting that killed 5 adults. Investigators are working to establish the identities and relationships between everyone that was a part of the tragedy.

Five adults were found dead in a La Plata, Maryland, home after local authorities responded to a shooting report. Upon further investigation, the authorities discovered that the homeowner was related to the victims.

Two young children were initially unaccounted for after the incident, but were later found safe and unharmed at a different location. The situation is not a threat to the public.

Neighbors are shocked to see their street covered in police tape, but authorities say there’s no threat to the public. The Chief of police says he’s seen something like this once or twice in his previous agency.

It was determined that Andre Sales, 28, was the killer of all of the adults on the scene. He was the ex-boyfriend of Sara Mann, a 21-year-old who was inside the home at the time of the shooting. He initially entered the house with a motive to kill Sara.

In addition to this murder, Sales killed several more people that were in the house. Kai Mann, 18, was Sara Mann’s younger brother. Her mother, Sommaly Mann, also was killed and died at just 48 years old. There was another man in the house at the time as well, 23-year-old ┬áJavon Watson, who was shot and killed by Sales.

After causing this mass murder, Sales turned the gun on himself. The weapon he used for both the murder and his suicide were later recovered by the police.

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