Man murders his wife before being killed by another family member

It is alleged that an Alabama man murdered his wife before being shot and killed by another member of the family.

At around 10 pm Saturday, officers responded to a domestic incident at a Foley residence. Baldwin County Sheriff’s office reports the caller told the dispatcher that Scott Blackwell was the suspect. They said he was armed and acting strangely.

Cindy Blackwell, who is the wife of Blackwell, was physically abused shortly after the call, according to the sheriff’s office.

It is alleged that Blackwell shot his wife, and then another family member shot him as well.
During a press release, “based on information gathered from several witness interviews and our investigation thus far, the family member who shot Scott Blackwell did so in defense of Cindy Blackwell, and others in the residence.”

Both shootings took place before officers arrived, according to the sheriff’s office. Blackwell and his wife died as a result of their injuries.

No charges have been filed against the family member that was involved in the shooting.
The sheriff’s office stated that there is an ongoing investigation. “Once the investigation is finished, this case will be reviewed by the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office before being presented to a grand jury.”