Man Opens Fire on Refrigerator After Soda Can Explodes

Man Opens Fire on Refrigerator After Soda Can Explodes

( – Most people have heard strange noises in their homes that have frightened them at some point. Usually, it’s just an appliance ice maker making a sound or wind knocking branches against the house. When homeowners hear strange noises, they typically investigate until they’re sure it was nothing out of the ordinary. In 2021, a Washington man did something bizarre upon hearing the noise of a soda can explode.

Police arrested a Yakima man over the summer after he opened fire on an innocent refrigerator. Witnesses told officers the man was putting soda cans in a fridge when one of them exploded. The man pulled out his gun and shot at the bottom of the kitchen appliance.

When police arrived on the scene, the man had placed the gun on the ground in an alleyway and he was yelling incoherent nonsense.

The man later told officers the people who lived in the basement shot at him and wanted to kill him. He fired downward because he was fighting for his life. Not only was the sound he heard a soda can explosion, disproving his claim, but there was no basement at the residence.

Officers arrested him on charges of second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and discharge of a firearm.

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