Man Sets Spa On Fire With Employee Still Trapped Inside


Man Indicted For Starting NYC Spa Blaze That Trapped Worker -Breaking 911

Mario Lucas is accused of setting a Manhattan business on fire with a victim trapped inside. Authorities investigating this alleged arson act and will continue to work alongside local partners to build safer communities.

The arson Mario Lucas sparked in June endangered an entire community and all the first responders who rushed in to help. Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh said the man intentionally set a fire while knowing there was a person trapped inside.

Lucas entered a spa located in Chinatown, New York, and appeared to engage in a conversation with an individual working in the spa. Lucas then poured liquid around the lobby of the spa and lit the liquid on fire.

At approximately 4:59 p.m., a fire broke out at the spa. Video from outside the Spa shows smoke and fire within the Spa. Lucas escaped from the Spa and ran down Eldridge Street, and the victim exited the Spa one minute later.

Law enforcement was able to track Lucas’ movements through security camera footage collected from various locations in the vicinity of the Spa. Lucas provided an identification card bearing the name “Mario Lucas” to the NYPD.

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