Man Shoots 5 Victims To Death While High On Meth


Man arrested in Georgia confesses to murdering 5 in South Carolina after being on meth for days – ABC News

James Douglas Drayton, 24, is accused of murder after causing fatal shootings at a house in Inman.

Authorities said the shootings happened Sunday morning, but deputies were not called for about 10 hours. The sheriff’s office said Drayton lived at the home for two weeks and killed five people. The fifth victim was identified as James Derek Baldwin, 49.

First responders found four people fatally wounded in a house in the 900 block of West Broad Street. All five victims were drug users and known to Drayton, who investigators believe had been staying at the home for about two weeks.

Authorities say Drayton stole a car from his home and drove more than 100 miles south, where he robbed a convenience store cashier at gunpoint in Hephzibah, Georgia. He was caught after wrecking his car and running away.

Investigators say Drayton gave a full confession about the murders, including specific information about the crime scene.

The suspect was also high on meth at the time of the crime. He said he’d been hearing voices, and due to his drug use he hadn’t slept in four days. The combination likely contributed to the severity of his crimes.

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