Man Stabs Father In His Sleep With Kitchen Knife, Showing No Remorse


Police were called to the Kurman family home on David Drive just before 5 a.m. on April 29, where they found a horrifying scene.

Police encountered Jordan Kurman in the driveway of the home and asked him where the subject in distress was. Merridth Kurman yelled for assistance for her husband, Gregory Kurman, who was found on his back in front of a couch with a large, deep laceration to his throat.

Law enforcement officers exited the home, approached Jordan Kurman, and observed a large amount of blood on his clothing. Jordan Kurman was detained, and his mother spoke to police, and said her son had killed his father. His mother claimed that she saw Kurman drop the knife that killed her husband.

Jordan Kurman, 22, stabbed his father, Gregory, with a kitchen knife as he slept in the living room of the townhouse they shared in Newtown Township.

Jordan Kurman’s younger brother described his father as a caring and compassionate man who spent years trying to help Kurman with mental health issues. He said Kurman was verbally and physically abusive to their parents.

Because of Jordan Kurman’s abuse toward his parents and his older brother, they had a habit of locking his bedroom door at night to avoid being alone with him.

Kurman said little during the hearing, and stammered when asked why he committed the crime, ultimately saying he didn’t know. The judge accepted his plea reluctantly, and only after tearful, emotional testimony from Kurman’s younger brother, Tyler.

After hearing the statements that left some in the courtroom audience sobbing, the judge sentenced Jordan Kurman to 30-60 years in prison and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation.

The DA’s office said Kurman’s only statement was a “cold apology”, which the judge said showed he had no remorse.

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