Man Steals Car At 7-Eleven With Two Kids Still In The Backseat


A 9-year-old girl escaped a kidnapper and carried her baby brother back to the 7-Eleven, where they were abducted.

The mother of the kidnapped kids, Karen Quinn, said a man approached her car at a 7-Eleven in North Las Vegas and looked inside her car, so she walked back to her car to confront him. However, despite her best efforts, he stole the car with both children inside.

Police received a report that a car had been stolen from a convenience store parking lot with two young children inside, and pursued the car. The kidnapper let the kids out before the traffic officer caught up to him, and the 9-year-old ran back to the convenience store with her baby brother in her arms.

The fourth grader and her baby brother were in the backseat of their mom’s car Monday night when the kidnapping happened. The suspect was able to get into the vehicle because the car’s technology sensed her key was still nearby, which allowed him to unlock the door.

Nyla, the young girl, said she was driving fast when the man swatted her hand away and told her to get out of the car. She grabbed her little brother’s binky and started running with him, but her body was hurting from carrying the baby. As she was heading back to the 7-Eleven, she stepped on a rock and hurt her foot.

Fortunately, Nyla and her little brother King managed to get back to the store, where they were given a chair and something to drink. Nyla’s mother was out looking for them when the police arrived, and she fell to the floor, thanking God her children were safe.¬†She said her son and daughter were left sore and mentally shaken by the ordeal.

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