Man Stops Terrorist Bomber

( – Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, putting their lives on the line to help their fellow man. On November 14 in Liverpool, a taxi driver stopped a terrorist from detonating a bomb at a local women’s hospital. When the cab driver suspected his fare was up to no good, he exited his vehicle, locking the suspect inside. Seconds later, a bomb exploded in the cab, killing the terrorist, injuring the hero, and saving the lives of his allegedly intended victims.

The driver, referred to as Dave Perry, was driving the suspect to the Anglican Cathedral Church of the Risen Christ for a Remembrance service when he found the roads blocked. The passenger then instructed the cabby to pull into the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Perry realized something was amiss when he saw the man fiddling with a “light attached to his clothing.”

Although there’s no official confirmation the explosion was a terrorist attack, the Greater Manchester Police cordoned off the area and are investigating the incident.

A fundraiser for the hero of the day raised more than £10,000 on Facebook, which equates to about $13,400, to help with recovery from his injuries.

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