Man Who Assaulted Pregnant Girlfriend Killed Their Unborn Baby


Robert Wiley, 24, was charged with murder for the death of his unborn baby girl.

Police were called to Einstein Medical Center after 26-year-old Selena Hernandez’s boyfriend assaulted her. One of the doctors that were examining her noticed facial and abdominal bruising, which was a direct result of violent domestic abuse that she experienced from Wiley.

An ultrasound conducted at that same clinic showed concerning results. There was no heartbeat coming from the baby, which suggested that the unborn child was potentially murdered in the midst of the abuse.

An investigation found that Wiley beat Hernandez, kicked her in the abdomen and body, and strangled her to the point of unconsciousness. He continued to assault Hernandez until family members returned home.

During the attack, Robert Wiley verbally threatened that he would “kill the baby” as he brutally beat her.

After the pregnant woman was attacked by her baby’s father, the attack ultimately killed her baby. The woman had made a normal ultrasound during a prenatal visit just two weeks prior to the abuse that she endured.


Hernandez was 21 weeks pregnant, and the unborn baby had no heartbeat when doctors examined her after the assault. The deceased baby was delivered the following morning. The cause of death was intrauterine fetal demise and placental trauma.

The prosecutor is seeking justice for baby Naomi, who never had the chance to experience life outside of the womb due to Wiley’s attack.

Wiley had previously been charged with aggravated assault of an unborn child, aggravated assault, strangulation and related offenses. On Wednesday, prosecutors added first-degree and third-degree charges of murder of an unborn child. He remains incarcerated at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility for his crimes against his own child.

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